844mm(W) X 2282mm (D) X 2072mm (H)

The SRTF-201LP system is designed based on a resistively heated, single wafer furnace technology to address conventional batch furnace thermal applications as well as RTP applications up tp 1150°C. The system provides excellent process repeatability and stability at a minimum cost of ownership.


Silicidation (TiSi, CoSi, NiSi, WSi etc.)
Implant anneal
Oxidation (Dry & Wet)
Glass reflow
Film Densification

Key Benefits & Specifications

Simple and Robust Design
Vacuum Compatible
Wide Operating Termperaure Range: 200~1150°C
Excellent Process Uniformity:<1%(1sigma)
Excellent Process Repeatability: <3°C
Wide Process Window
Fast Ramp Rate: up to 150°C/s at 1100°C
Competitive Throughput:~40wph (60s process)
Fast Installation: 1day
Process Qualification: 1day
Minimum Maintenance: every 6 to 12 months
Minimum Consumables:
– Quartz tubes, thermocouples, heater units
– O-rings
Minimal Facility Requirement
– Electricity: 3 phase 220VAC 100A
– Process gases: up to 2 lines
– Cooling water: 5 Liter/min
Small Footprint
Vertically Stacked Dual Chambers
Energy Efficient (Power Consumption < 5kW / Chamber)