A large quantity of digital images is generated daily for scientific research in various fields. Interpretation of identical digital image data is often subjectively, qualitatively and/or empirically analyzed. The interpretation of the data is often quite different among researchers, scientists and engineers, depending on their experience and areas of interest. Only a very small fraction of digital image data is utilized due to the lack of a reliable pattern recognition capability as well as user friendly image processing software.

We often rely on our instinct and subjective judgment, even in scientific research. PicMan, a newly developed user friendly, unified image processing software can support various digital image formats (such as BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, DM3, ND2 etc.) from various image capturing and export tools. Useful data mining capabilities from ordinary digital images can greatly help researchers, scientists, engineers and students to effectively use digital image data and communicate data objectively. Statistical analysis of data gathered from ordinary digital images will enhance our understanding of the research subject. Correlation between simulation and experimental results can also be quantified.

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