600mm (W) x 1200mm (D) x 1700mm (H)

The SAO-200LP system is designed based on a resistively heated, stacked process module technology to address ambient controlled, low temperature annealing applications up to 450°C. The system processes five wafers simultaneously and provides excellent process repeatability and stability at a minimum cost of ownership.


Cu Annealing
Al Sintering
H2 Annealing
SOD Annealing
Low-k Dielectrics Annealing
Polyimide Bake
SiLK Annealing
Silicidation (NiSi)
Photoresist Bake & Reflow
Low Temperature LPCVD

Key Benefits & Specifications

Simple and Robust Design
Vacuum Compatible & Ambient Control
– low residual O2 (<5ppm)
– H2 or forming gas compatible
Operating Temperature Range
– 100 ~ 450°C
– H2 or forming gas compatible
Excellent Process Uniformity: <1%
Excellent Process Repeatability: <3°C (range)
Competitive Throughput: 25 wph (5 min process)
Fast Installation: 0.5 day
Process Qualification: 1 day
Minimal Maintenance: every 6 to 12 months
No Consumables
Minimal Facility Requirement:
– Electricity, 2 process gases, cooling water
Small Footprint
Energy Efficient: < 5 KW steady state, 10 KW max