Multi-Wavelength Photoluminescence (PL)

1350mm (W) x 2538.5mm (D) x 1960mm (H)

The MPL-300 system design is based on a micro photoluminescence (PL) measurement technique and WaferMasters’ proprietary PL imaging technology. It allows multi-wavelength micro PL spectrum characterization and chip-level PL imaging of Si based materials and devices such as memory devices, CMOS image sensors and solar cells under process. The specially designed, TE cooled  IR spectrometer and CCD camera has no moving parts to ensure high measurement accuracy,repeatability and stability. The PL spectra are sequentially measured by changing excitation wavelengths without moving specimen under characterization. This provides depth profiling of the PL spectra and/or image at the same measurement site, providing very accurate, site specific information on the specimen.

  • Nondestructive Wafer Characterization and In-Line Process Monitoring
  • Bandgap
  • Crystalline Defect
  • Dopant Level
  • Contamination Level
  • Midgap Density of States
  • Carrier Lifetime
  • Implant/Etching Damage
  • Degree of Damage Recovery
  • Epitaxial Film Quality
  • Passivation Layer Quality
  • Interface Quality
Key Benefits & Specifications

Simple and Robust Design
Excitation Source:
– 405nm
– 473nm
– 532nm
– 650nm
– 785nm
– 827nm

Spectrograph and CCD Camera
– TE Cooled IR Detector
– TE Cooled CCD Camera    (Option)

Nondestructive Optical Characterization
No Sample Preparation
Measurement Performance
– Wavelength Range: 900~1400nm
– Wavelength Resolution: ~2nm (or ~1nm)
– Measurement Repeatability: ~0.2nm

Fast Start up (same day)
Minimum Consumables
Objective Lens Magnification (for micro PL measurement)
– 2.5x for notch alignment
– 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x for measurement

Small Footprint
Built-in Two FOUP Openers